Bethany-Elim Lutheran Church, Ivanhoe

Built in 1966
Bethany-Elim Lutheran Church

Sundays @ 10:30 am

102 S. Highway 5, Ivanhoe, MN 56142



Bethany-Elim came into existence with the merger in 1940 of the Bethany congregation in Ivanhoe and the Elim congregation Southwest of town. The welcoming brick church on HWY. 19, at the East edge of Ivanhoe, is the current Bethany-Elim Lutheran Church, which first held services in May of 1966.

The current church houses many ties to the past. The church bell was said to have been originally forged in Sweden and sent to the Elim Church, was later used in Bethany-Elim, and now hangs in the belfry of the present church. The pump organ in the Fireside Room dates back to the East Elim Church, and we have one pew from old Bethany-Elim church in the Parish Hall. Many memorials have been used throughout the years in these successions of church structures.

A four-bedroom parsonage is located seven blocks from the church.

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